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SideCho Newsletter [Dec. 14th, 2006|10:44 am]


SideCho Records
First off, this will be the last SideCho Records Newsletter of 2006. After this week the office is closed for a much-needed holiday break. Don't worry, a couple of us will still be coming in to answer emails and send out mail orders, so don't hesitate to contact us regarding anything! Now moving on to some exciting news...

The Official SideCho Records T-Shirts and Zip-Up Hoodies Are Here!!

A lot of you have been asking about these along with our industry friends, and I'm glad to announce that we finally have some official SideCho Records apparel in stock. The first is a navy blue T-shirt with the SideCho Records logo on the front, and it's also on the lower back corner along with "SIDECHO.COM". The second is a navy blue zip-up hoodie with the same design: logo on the front and logo + "SIDECHO.COM" on the lower back corner. Both are printed on American Apparel clothing, so they're high-quality and extremely comfortable.

So head on over to the SideCho Webstore for pictures of the T-shirt and hoodies, and while you're there, go ahead and order yours before we run out (and we just might!) We have them in every size and currently have both items ON SALE in addition to the rest of the holiday sales we're having.

Holiday Sale Still Going On!

Now that we're talking about sales, have you finished your holiday shopping at our Holiday Sale? We have everything on sale from CDs starting at just 3 bucks to "buy one, get one free" deals on posters and sticker/button packs. And remember, we've added a Blinded Black shirt to the store, and you get a free, unreleased Blinded Black track from the forthcoming, Under The Sunrise, with every purchase! Make sure to get your orders in by December 18 at noon PST for it to get to you by December 25th!!


Crazy Interview at thesocalscene.com!

When you put Stefan in an interview, what do you get? Find out over at thesocalscene.com. It's quite an entertaining read, so check it out.

Blinded Black

Tell Us What You Think...

If you've ordered from our Holiday Sale and have heard the unreleased Blinded Black track that we sent as a thank you, please let us know what you think! Send all feedback to info@sidecho.com with the subject "Blinded Black Feedback".

1090 Club

Band of the Day!

1090 Club was "Band of the Day" on bandoftheday.com last Friday, December 8th. Although you may have missed their actual "day", the page is still up and you should definitely check it out: bandoftheday.com

The Spores

Catch The Spores Before They Leave!

Okay The Spores aren't breaking up or anything, but they will be leaving for an amazing European tour in just a couple of weeks. So for all you American fans, try to catch one of their last two shows in the states before they cross the ocean!

Saturday 12.16.06 @ Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace - Pioneertown, CA
Monday 12.18.06 @ The Viper Room - West Hollywood, CA

Check out The Spores' Myspace page for all the European dates if you're over on that side of the world.

Tokyo Rose

There's Still Time to Vote for Tokyo Rose!

Voting for Absolutepunk.net's "Most Underrated NJ Band" is still going on until December 20th. That means you have a couple of days left to get in your votes and get you friends to vote too. The band is currently tied for 3rd place, which is pretty good, but we want them to win it! Click here to get to the poll.

For all current news, tour dates and everything else you can think of, check out our www.sidecho.com.

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